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When you sign up to Apify, you automatically get a free trial of Apify Proxy for 30 days. The free trial gives you access to a pool of IP addresses normally only available for the paid Freelancer subscription plan and enables you to rotate IP addresses and thus hide the origin of your web scrapers.

Usage in crawlers and actors

During the free trial period, you can make any of your actors use Apify Proxy. For scrapers, this can be done in the Advanced Settings tab, in the Proxy options. You can either use automatic mode or selected specific proxy groups:

For actors, you can use Apify Proxy by using its raw URL in the form:


Alternatively, you can obtain the raw proxy URL by calling the Apify.getApifyProxyUrl() function from the Apify SDK for Node.js. For more details and examples, see the documentation.


During the free trial, Apify Proxy is available only from actors running on the Apify platform.

Once your free trial of Apify Proxy ends, any actors using Apify Proxy will stop working correctly. You'll need to update the settings of these actors to use your own custom proxies or not to use any proxy at all.

Actors that do not use Apify Proxy are not affected in any way.

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