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How to scrape or extract data from a website using Zapier and Apify
How to scrape or extract data from a website using Zapier and Apify

How to use Apify Actors in Zapier to scrape content from any website.

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This guide shows you how to start Apify's Website Content Crawler or any other Actor from Apify Store directly from your browser using the Zapier Chrome extension.

If you don't have any experience integrating Zapier with Apify, you should explore the documentation first.

Before you start creating a Zap in Zapier, you need to install the Zapier Chrome extension, which you will need to run the Zap. Once You have it, you need to create a Zap and use the Zapier Chrome extension as the trigger.

In the next step, choose the "New Push" event, which enables you to run this Zap every time you use the Zapier button in the Chrome extension.

Continue with the following steps, where you can leave the default values and test the action in the final step.

You should now have your trigger set up, and you can continue to create the action to Run Actor.

In the next step, you need to set up an action that runs the Apify Actor. You need to select "Apify" from the available integrations for the action and choose the "Run Actor" event from the list.

In the next step, you need to select or connect your Apify account. After choosing your account, select Website Content Crawler.

Use the URL from the previous step for the "Start URLs" in the input configuration. Website Content Crawler will then scrape this URL.

At the end of the input, set "Max results" to "1" because you only need to get the first scraped page.

Once you finish the input configuration, you can continue to the next step, where you test the Actor run. It fires a new run of Website Content Crawler on Apify, and you can see the details of the run in Zapier.

Once you set it up, you can name the Zap and publish it, which sets it live. You can test it directly from your browser extension. You need to open the browser extension first and find the Zap you created. By clicking on the "Send" button, you will run the Zap, which fires the Actor run.

You can find the run in Apify Console under Website Content Crawler. In the run list of the Actor, you can check the extracted data.

That should be all you need - If you need any help, contact us at

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