We're really happy that you would like to submit a project to Apify Freelancers!

To make sure that freelancers will be able to send you proper price estimations for your project, we've created this guide to show you templates for the most important aspects of the project to be covered in the assignment.

What should the configuration do?

If you need to automate something on the web, the most important thing for us is the description of the workflow. This is crucial for proper price estimation and also to understand the project in general. It helps to provide screenshots with your description, or try to record your screen and share the content with us so we know what is the project about (guide for Mac,guide for PC).

Do we need credentials to reach some data? Or to upload them?

In those cases, we will ask you to provide testing credentials that we can use to check the system. For uploading the data, tell us what kind of database, storehouse, or platform you would like to use for uploading the data.

Never share your real password or username!

Example project

Name of your project:
Automation of downloading of daily reports

Please provide a detailed description of your project. Imagine you're explaining the steps to a person who will perform them manually.:
We need to set up automation for our internal reservation system, so we don't have to manually download a CSV every day and upload it to Dropbox.

Configuration should work this way:

  1. We will start it and provide the date range and categories we are interested in.

  2. The configuration would log in to the reservation system (https://www.reservations.com/admin).

  3. Navigate to the reports (https://www.reservations.com/reports).

  4. Set up the report with information from the input (date from, date to, categories we are interested in).

  5. Click on “Export to XLSX”.

  6. Wait for the file.

  7. Download the file.

  8. Upload the file to our Dropbox account, to the “reports” folder.

  9. After the whole process is finished, we would receive a notification that it has been successfully completed. If there was an issue, we should receive a notification about the error.

Testing credentials are username: johndoe123, password: dabs89213k!, the account is available for 30 days for price estimation and setup of the configuration, then it will be deleted.

Also, sometimes when I login there is a secret question about the country I grew up in. The answer is Canada, but I don't know if it is important.

Below, you can find a video of the whole manual workflow for how we do it right now and what we need to automate. (video is not part of example, but we highly appreciate if you have it and you can share it with us.)

End of the example.

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