Paid actors

A quick introduction to renting public actors in Apify Store, how to run them, and how the payment system works.

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Paid actors are just like any other Actor in Apify Store, just with a slight difference: in order to use them, you rent them on a monthly basis. Don't be put off by the fee, though. Charging rental fees empowers the creators to dedicate more time to them, which improves their quality and ensures maintenance. There are two types of paid Actors in the Apify Store: pay per result and monthly rental.

Pay per result

These Actors are priced based on the amount of results they produce, and the run cost is deducted from your plan prepaid usage.

Monthly rental

Monthly rental Actors come with a free trial, which allow you to determine if it is useful to your specific needs. After the free trial expires, the specified monthly amount is deducted from your platform prepaid usage.

If you are on a Free plan, you will need to subscribe to one of Apify's paid plans to continue using the Actor after the trial has ended.

The usage generated with such Actor is charged separately and also subtracted from the prepaid platform usage.

Last but not least, Actor rental is automatically renewed, so when you're finished, remember to cancel the rental to avoid any unexpected charges πŸ‘‡πŸ»

In every other regard, paid actors are the same as any other actor. You can run them from Apify Console, using our API or with our JavaScript and Python clients.

See our documentation for more details.

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