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How to integrate Apify actors with Google Drive
How to integrate Apify actors with Google Drive

We show you how to integrate actors with your Google Drive so you can receive information about your runs directly to your drive.

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If you prefer watching videos to reading text, you can watch this short video tutorial:

To enable integrations with Google Drive:

  1. Go to the Integrations tab. Here you’ll see all the available integrations on the Apify platform.

  2. Select Google Drive and then click configure. Your integration will be added to your task.

  3. Click the Sign in with Google button, and you’ll be prompted to select the Google account connected with the drive where you want to receive the data.

  4. Click Allow.

  5. Select the format of the file that will be saved to your drive from the options available.

  6. Select a name for the file.

  7. Click the Save button

  8. Click Yes to enable your integration.

Now that the integration is saved and enabled, you can click the Start button to run your task. Just wait for the run to finish. Once it’s complete, you can check your drive, and you’ll see a new folder called Apify Uploads, which is created automatically. You can find your dataset file there and download the data.

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