If you prefer video, you can watch our tutorial:

  1. From your Apify Console, go to the Actors tab, and choose the actor that you want to integrate with.

  2. Go to the Integrations tab, choose GitHub from the list of Integrations, then click Configure.

  3. Choose the account, and then select the Repository you want.

  4. Now choose a title for the issue that will be created. You can choose to write a description for when the issue will be created. For example, "this issue was automatically created by Apify".

  5. Click Save. Now you can enable the Integration: click Yes.

  6. Run the actor to make sure the integration works. Click on Source and Start.

  7. Go back to your GitHub, and here you will see the issue created under the Issues tab.

Now you’ll know when there's an issue with your actor, and you’ll have it open for the community to comment in case they can help you solve the problem.

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