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Publishing your existing scrapers to Apify Store
Publishing your existing scrapers to Apify Store

See how to get the most out of your pre-existing code by migrating it to the Apify platform.

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To publish your scrapers to our platform, you first need to turn them into Actors (that’s what we call our cloud apps at Apify). You can do that with our Python or JavaScript SDKs, and in most situations, it requires changes in only a few lines of your scraper’s code. The SDKs enable easy use of Apify platform features like proxies, storages, webhooks, integrations, and more. You can also import your pre-existing code from a Git repository or use one of our ready-made web scraping templates.

Apify Console generates a user-friendly input schema for your scrapers

Once your scrapers are published, users can run them via our API, download results in multiple formats, schedule them, or integrate them using our pre-made integrations and webhooks. You don't need to worry about any of this because it’s automatically handled by the Apify platform.

Who owns the source code of Actors in the Apify Store?

It’s always the creators of the Actors. Apify does not have access to the source code, unless it’s in a public repository or the developer chooses to make the source code visible to Apify.

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