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How to create a task
How to create a task

Learn how to easily create reusable configurations of a single Actor called tasks

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Tasks are reusable configurations of a single Actor that can be adapted to specific use cases. For example, you can create one Web Scraper task that scrapes the latest reviews from, another that scrapes for the latest sneakers, and a third that scrapes your competitor's e-shop.

  1. Create empty task

    Open any actor from Apify Store or your list of Actors in Apify Console. At the top-right section of the page, click the Create new task button.

  2. Configure the task

    You can set up your task's input under the Input tab. A task's input configuration works just like an Actor's. After all, it’s just a copy of an Actor you can pre-configure for a specific scenario. You can use either JSON or the visual input UI.

  3. Run the task

    Once you've configured your task, you can run it using the Run button at the bottom-left side of the Input tab.

    That’s all you need to create your tasks. Read our guide on how to create a schedule to find out how to get your tasks to run automatically.

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