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How to upload a dataset to an AWS S3 bucket
How to upload a dataset to an AWS S3 bucket
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If you regularly need to pull a large number of items from a dataset or use an AWS S3 bucket to download datasets, then you may find this tutorial very useful. We'll guide you through the process of uploading your datasets to an AWS S3 bucket using our S3 Bucket Uploader Actor.

S3 Bucket Uploader provides easy-to-use tools for injecting information into file names/path names. Additionally, you can either upload the entire dataset to one file or each dataset item as its own file.

To use the S3 Bucket Uploader, you must have access to an AWS S3 bucket where your datasets will be stored. If you haven't already set up an AWS account and an S3 bucket, you can do so by following the steps outlined in the AWS documentation.

Please note that, by default, S3 Bucket Uploader uploads the entire dataset as a single file to your AWS S3 bucket. If you'd like to write each dataset item as a separate file in the S3 bucket, please explore the data configuration settings in the Input section of the Actor's README.

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