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Developing Actors
Developing Actors

Crossroad of short developer FAQs. For full details and tutorials, see our documentation.

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Setting up continuous integration for Apify Actors on BitbucketHow to set up continuous integration for Apify actors using Bitbucket Pipelines
Scraping data from websites using MicrodataJavaScript code to automatically extract data using tags
How to resolve 403 response status errors403 Forbidden is the most common blocking status. Learn how to overcome it.
How to estimate compute unit usage for your projectNeed to estimate the long-term costs of a project? Read this article to understand what affects performance.
How to bypass CloudflareApify's default scrapers are a great choice for Cloudflare protected sites
How to setup Output tab in just 5 minutesLearn how to add an Output tab with an overview of results to your actor on the Apify Platform.
How to write great README for your actorsLearn how to write an effective README for your actor and get started using our template.
Several tips on how to bypass website anti-scraping protectionsLearn how to scrape data from websites that employ IP rate limiting, browser fingerprinting and other modern bot detection techniques
Optimizing scrapers - IntroductionWe all want our scrapers to run as fast as possible and cost as little money as possible. Learn how to think about performance.
How to analyze and fix errors in your actorsYour scrapers randomly crash? They worked for a few months and then stopped? Understand how to analyze and fix problems.
Versioning of public actorsHow to continuously update your actor and not break user integration
Converting a task to an actor and publishing it on Apify StoreLearn how to convert an actor task to an actor using the metamorph feature, and then publish it in Apify Store to let other people use it.
How to change the format of the extracted data in an Actor's datasetTroubleshooting data format conversion for the output of Apify Actor runs.