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How to change the format of the extracted data in an Actor's dataset
How to change the format of the extracted data in an Actor's dataset

Troubleshooting data format conversion for the output of Apify Actor runs.

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Every Actor in Apify Store retrieves data in JSON format by default. JSON is a versatile and widely used data format, but it may not be compatible with some applications or systems that require a different format. That’s why our platform allows you to convert JSON data into CSV, XML, Excel, and other formats with ease.

However, some Actors produce JSON results that have a complex structure or a large number of fields, which can make the conversion process difficult or result in unusable outputs. For example, converting JSON data with thousands of columns into CSV can cause errors or data loss. To prevent this, we configure most Actors to produce JSON outputs that are suitable for conversion.

But sometimes, the default platform’s converters may not meet your specific needs for data display or analysis. In such cases, we recommend downloading the data in JSON and using any other external tool or converter of your choice to customize the output format according to your requirements. There are many free and reliable tools available online for converting JSON to CSV and other formats, for example, or You can also use scripting languages like Python or Node.js to manipulate JSON data programmatically.

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