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Apify integration for Slack
Apify integration for Slack

Learn how to get started with Apify integration for Slack, from installation to automating your whole workflow directly in Slack.

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More and more organizations are using Slack for internal communication purposes, and more and more organizations use Apify for web scraping. So what if you could do both from the same app?

Well, now you can. This integration allows you to run your Apify actors, be notified about their run status, and get your results, all without opening your browser. All you have to do is follow these few simple steps to set it up, and you will be able to do your scraping and share it with your team with one shortcut, directly from Slack.

If you prefer watching videos to reading text, you can follow this short video tutorial that shows you how to set up an Apify integration for Slack:

What is an Apify integration for Slack?

An integration for Slack is a service you can easily install in your Slack workspace in order to automate and centralize tasks. It’s a way to do everything from the same space, Slack, without switching tabs continuously. In this instance, you can run Apify actors in Slack without opening your browser window and heading to Apify Console. Why? Because we know you’ve got no time to waste.

What do you need to get started?

To use the Apify integration for Slack, you will need:

Once you have the accounts set up, just follow these steps:

  1. Create a task for an actor of your choice in Apify Console.

  2. Set up the integration for Slack in the task's Integrations tab.

  3. Give the Apify integration a trial run!

  4. Start your run directly from Slack using the /apify run [actor or task ID] command.

For more details, see our documentation.

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