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Confused by terminology? Find explanation of key terms in our dictionary.

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What is an API?An application programming interface (API) makes it easy for computer programs to talk to each other
What is a proxy?Proxy servers act as a shield protecting your digital identity from the websites you visit
What is a residential proxy?A residential proxy is the most reliable way to scrape data while using proxies.
What is a datacenter proxy?A datacenter proxy is the fastest and most affordable way to scrape data while using proxies.
What is a SERP?SERP is an abbreviation for Search Engine Result Pages
What is JavaScript?JavaScript is the main programming language of the Internet
What is a session?A session is reusing the same IP address during web scraping
What is a request?A request is your command for an actor to open a specific webpage to further scrape it for data
What is a request queue?A request queue is a list of web pages lined up for your Actor to visit and scrape for data within one run.
What is key-value store?A key-value store is a space for storing important files
What is Node.js?Node.js is an open-source environment that executes JavaScript code without the need for a browser
What is JSON?JSON is a format for storing and transporting data
What is a dataset?A dataset is a table that acts as a log of your results from web scraping activities.
What is a web scraper?A web scraper is a program made to extract data from the web
What is Apify SDK?Apify SDK is your number one resource for creating your own Apify Actor
What is web crawling?Web crawling is a process of browsing webpages systematically
What is web scraping?Web scraping is extracting data and content from websites automatically
What is RPA?RPA stands for robotic process automation
What is Puppeteer?Puppeteer is a way for you to control the Chrome browser using JavaScript
What is Cheerio?Cheerio is an implementation of jQuery designed specifically for servers
What is a headless browser?A headless browser is a web browser with no graphical user interface
What is an Actor?An Apify Actor is a program that can carry out any task in a web browser
What is the Apify platform?Actors, Storage, Proxy, and other services are all a part of the Apify platform.
What is an Actor task?Actor tasks let you save and reuse Actor configurations.
What is Apify storage?Apify provides you with cloud storage so you have immediate access to your run's results
What is an Actor run?A run is created whenever you start an Actor or a task
What is a schedule?Automate your Actor runs by scheduling them for certain times